Real Life Drama For Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has had a rough couple of days. It was reported on Wednesday, that the elder Baldwin brother was rushed to the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York after someone had called 911, saying he had possibly overdosed. Well, the truth is coming out now, and that someone who made the call was his daughter, Ireland.

The 30 Rock actor and 14-year-old daughter had apparently argued over the phone Wednesday night when Baldwin, distraught, mentioned “I’m going to end this”, and spoke of ingesting pills. This was later refuted by an NYPD source who claims that the actor had not threatened to take his own life, but did, however, mention taking one single Ambien pill. The NYPD source also says Baldwin believes it was his ex-wife Kim Basinger who put his daughter up to calling the police as a way of embarrassing him.

If this is true, I feel very badly for Ireland. Kids always seem to get in the middle of nasty divorces because of their selfish parents.

And today, the drama didn’t end. Baldwin did go to work today (as his publicist claimed he would), but several photographers and reporters were waiting for him upon his return home. One New York Post reporter asked a question about how his daughter was doing, and that made Baldwin flip out. He brushed past the reporter to get inside, then yelled out “This guy assaulted me”. Then the police arrived. Juicy stuff, yeah?

Baldwin pointed out the reporter from the lobby of his building, and without warning, ran outside and lunged at the guy to grab his jacket, when the police had to pull the actor off and restrain him. So far, no charges have been filed by the NYPD police.

It seems all very dramatic. I’m curious though, with Alec Baldwin set to host the Academy Awards next month with Steve Martin, is this whole thing just a publicity stunt? The timing is suspiciously good. And a little drama is always good for ratings.