‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’: Broken Friendships & Betrayal

June 24th, 2009 // 11 Comments

Boy, do these broads love to brawl!

First, Caroline Manzo had an emotional breakdown discussing her falling out with fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub. Manzo refused to divulge the details of their rift, but pointed tearfully at Staub while saying, “You know what you did.”

And it was only Jacqueline Laurita who stood by Staub’s side in the climactic June 16 finale of the series. However, now Jacqueline claims that her friendship with Danielle is over.

Laurita tells Us Weekly, “I am not friends with Danielle.” She added, “I learned my family was right about her all along.”

As for Staub, it’s been revealed by The Smoking Gun that her checkered past includes attempted kidnapping and extortion. According to federal court documents, she and her co-conspirator, Daniel Aguilar “sought to extort a $25,000 ransom from a man whose son they were holding.”

At the time, Danielle “was charged with eight felonies, including extortion, cocaine possession and narcotics conspiracy.” The now 46-year-old reality TV star was ordered to attend a drug treatment program and sentenced to five years probation.

I love when people stop being polite…and start getting real.

Click the continue reading link below for a video preview of tomorrow’s reunion episode.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. weenie

    I bet Danielle tried to boink Caroline’s son…when she was dancing with him, she was so trying to seduce her bat-browed-tox-face eyes. She did it again when on the Today show and did the tango segment with the dance instructor. Sad & Sick.

  2. laprns

    From that video clip Danielle (or whatever the hooker’s name is this week) did something awful to Dina. Caroline will get upset and say something but Dina seems like she stays pretty calm and collected while comtemplating where to dump the body. God, I love this show. I just wish it was a script because I hate seeing Caroline, Dina and Theresa so upset. Jaqueline is too much like my little sister for me -so passive/aggressive.

  3. Ashley

    God I hate Caroline. I really wish Bravo would leave her out next season. She doesn’t have the chops to be like the other ladies of RH who are welcoming and open to making new friendships with people outside their circle. In fact get rid of Dina for that reason too. You’d never see Jenna, Jill or Nene talking about how they don’t like someone, until that person shows them respect. I guess Carmela Soprano wannabe has never heard of earning respect.

    Fine if you want to keep those two idiots Jaqueline and Teresa but Dina and Caroline seem to think they run the show and they think people acutally care about their mafia family. Besides the fight with Danielle those two are boring and lame. I can only watch Dina schilling her tacky taste and Caroline degrading her daughter for so long.

  4. Travis

    What I want to know is, did they really get Dina & Danielle that close together or is it just photochopped?

    Either way, I love Dina.
    She & Teresa FTW!

  5. T

    Ashley – you’re a moron. Vickie on the OC show hated letting new people into her little group.

  6. sherey

    I am gonna go nuts trying to find out what it is that Danielle did to Dina! It can’t be that bad or Dina would be freaking out to. I need some help investigating, if anyone finds out please post it! Caroline is wound too tight, but she loves her sis. Danielle is also crazy, but the show would be way boring without her. This is like a more expensive version of Jerry Springer.

  7. liza

    Caroline seems to be the most sensible of all of you. Teresa and Jaqueline are “naive” not dumb, get rid of that manipulative tramp. I am from Atlanta, the real housewives IN Atl. are nothing like the show.We are sitting in carpool lines, classrooms, Bible studies and recreation is on the tennis court, golf course or at the club, not giving recreational sex. My Mother and Father raised me and my sisters with white gloves, literally. If we used foul language our vocabulary was considered “limited” All of us teachers and our children all grads of private schools and the Univ of GA. Professionals: doctors, lawyers, teachers and Financial analysts.
    Teresa, your personal relationship with your husband should stay just that, “personal” and the foul language is well, foul. Nothing classy about slinging mud, tables or 4 letter words in front of the whole world, no wonder we are thought of as “Ugly americans”. Come on ladies, I use that term loosely, this Country is in shambles, We are close to losing our constitution, our currency is losing value, N. Korea is threatening to nuke us; Iran is plainly telling us that they are going to wipe Israel off the map and us with them, Dina do some real Charity work, set an example for your daughter by showing some interest in “Current events” Support our troops; people are watching your show For the Love of God (Jesus) use your notoriety and do something meaningful. Liza in Atlanta

  8. Jay

    Go to Bravotv.com and read their blogs…Danielle says a little something about what she did.

  9. Samantha

    Liza-Dina does do REAL charity work for children with cancer. She has mentioned it numerous times.

    I am intrigued! I want to know what Danielle did-I think she hit on Dina’s husband or something. Although if that is true, then Dina is being very mature about the whole thing.

    I love Caroline-she loves her family and wants to protect them-nothing wrong with that. It’s nice to see.

  10. Ellie VK

    Danielle is 46?? More like 54.

  11. Diana

    How dare Danielle act so innocent. Its all there in the book. I think the ladies should all kick her ass. Too bad Teresa didnt hit her with the table.

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