‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’: Broken Friendships & Betrayal

Boy, do these broads love to brawl!

First, Caroline Manzo had an emotional breakdown discussing her falling out with fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub. Manzo refused to divulge the details of their rift, but pointed tearfully at Staub while saying, “You know what you did.”

And it was only Jacqueline Laurita who stood by Staub’s side in the climactic June 16 finale of the series. However, now Jacqueline claims that her friendship with Danielle is over.

Laurita tells Us Weekly, “I am not friends with Danielle.” She added, “I learned my family was right about her all along.”

As for Staub, it’s been revealed by The Smoking Gun that her checkered past includes attempted kidnapping and extortion. According to federal court documents, she and her co-conspirator, Daniel Aguilar “sought to extort a $25,000 ransom from a man whose son they were holding.”

At the time, Danielle “was charged with eight felonies, including extortion, cocaine possession and narcotics conspiracy.” The now 46-year-old reality TV star was ordered to attend a drug treatment program and sentenced to five years probation.

I love when people stop being polite…and start getting real.

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