Real Housewives Husband Says His Heterosexuality Is Real

April 24th, 2008 // 5 Comments

“Just because you love Speedos doesn’t mean you’re gay.”

Simon (of Alex and Simon on Real Housewives of New York) talks about the rumors that he might be gay. Wait a minute, you mean the fact that he loves shopping with his wife Alex (“We are each other’s stylist,” she has said) enjoys trips to the spa and owns an extensive Speedo collection has people thinking that he might secretly harbor love that dare not speak its name?

Well, if he wasn’t before, the after seeing these pictures of his kooky wife, Alex McCord, he should be now.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    The McCords kind of got the dirty end of the stick on the show, so he likes to shop. Lots of men like to make their wives happy, plus they do seem genuinely in love and good parents. He’s from Australia, where a banana sling is all the rage, like all over Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Hey he is strange, everyone but Americans (who never dress tackily) are ‘far out’ in bathing gear. Le Sigh.

    I hope they made a boat load of money for their trouble.

  2. joan durtz

    They are both weird. Period. Not normal. Plus, their desire to be rich and famous, and noticed, is disturbing. I feel sorry for those kids. Nothing like naming your kids European names when you are from KANSAS and Australia. Give me a break. Wanna be’s!!

  3. Pansy Aston

    Good parents?????????? Didn’t you see the finale
    where their two “geniuses” were taken to an adult dinner at “21″? The brats were obnoxious and uncorrected by their pretentious, social-climbing
    progenitors~~~who apparently don’t have any mirrors in their imploding townhouse!

  4. kikichanelconspiracy

    Yes, Simon, being a Speedo-loving doesn’t make you gay. However, extensive eye f*cking with the gay male host does.

  5. Juanita

    44? Are you kidding me, his speedos are 44, by the looks of that fake hair and bags unders his eyes, he looks like he is 55

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