‘Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong Is A Big…

February 11th, 2011 // 13 Comments

There’s definitely a lot that surfaced during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, particularly about the lies Taylor Armstrong has told. And now even more is coming out about her con-artist of a husband Russell Armstrong and more scams from crazy Taylor!

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He’s a convicted felon, first off after being charged by the IRS of evasion of assessment. He’s also been repeatedly sued and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. And he sure picked a great partner in crime in Taylor. Watch the video after the jump to see all the lies she was caught in this season: denying surgeries, faking her name and claiming Adrienne Maloof is an old dear friend who is her child’s godmother…when they’ve only known each other 3 years! OK, can we start playing the Psycho music over this reel?

By Lola Robertson

  1. Klara

    Wow, she is pretty strange!!


  2. Wendy

    It’s weird that Taylor thinks living in Beverly Hills is her amazing accomplishment after an abusive childhood. An amazing accomplishment would be working towards good mental health after such a childhood, not living in an affluent suburb. First of all, she just married a guy with money-that’s hardly an accomplishment. Second, she has serious mental health issues. Instead of working on that, she works on her face, body, clothes and parties. She’s not a role model.

  3. angela

    Her face is so scary and what’s up with her mouth and lips? Yuk!

  4. patty

    To be fair, most business people, that have made a good amount of money, have been targeted by the IRS, been sued and plenty have filed for bankruptcy. So I don’t think that alone would make him a con-artist. However, I will agree that Taylor has some deep image issues.

  5. BitterKitten

    StoopidHousewives has this a month ago… good to see that you are catching up! http://stoopidhousewives.com/2011/01/23/taylor-shana-hughes-taylor-ford-armstrong-part-ii/ She is a total scammer.

  6. Felicity

    I don’t follow her logic; at best it seems self-serving and delusional as she repeatedly denies things caught on camera. I’d say she has a bug PR problem and Bravo is considering not having her back next season and as she knows thins, she is now saying that she herself is trying to decide whether or not to return, so if they do drop her she can say it was her own decision. Back to the possible delusions of grandeur — she tweeted this yesterday:

    @kylerichards18 RT @naturaltweetz: The #RHOBH ladies are the new spice girls. Every guy secretly likes them and every girl wants to be them.

  7. Lisa

    Why should anyone believe that she came from an abusive family when she has lied about EVERYTHNG ELSE in her life….
    Just thinking…

  8. guest

    shouldn’t you give credit to your sources? as in – that video is not original content here. don’t you need to at least link to the site from which you took it so no one thinks you are trying to steal it/steal credit for it?

  9. Credit to the source

    Since you didn’t bother to credit the source of this video, let me do it for you.

  10. Chris

    This woman is a lunatic–and a mean one at that!
    She’s conniving and went for poor Kim’s jugular at every turn.
    I am hopeful Bravo doesn’t bring her back.
    This show should have been an ideal form of escapism and to see Beverly Hills, the clothing, the parties, the fun…..
    Every time Taylor was on, it was lie after lie, mean behavior beyond belief….
    I won’t watch it if she’s on again.
    There’s enough stress without having to get upset at this odd woman’s behavior!

  11. m

    I still wanna fistpump her nj style

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