‘Real Housewife’ LuAnn de Lesseps Teaches Girls How To Land A Royal

Listen up, pretty commoners.  Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives Of New York City has a few tips on how to land yourself a royal man.  The auto-tone sensation behind “Money Can’t Buy You Class” shared with Popeater some helpful hints for those singletons looking to lock down a prince/king/earl/duke whathaveyou.  If Catherine Middleton can do it, so can you!

It should be noted here that de Lessep’s title wasn’t officially given to our fair countess by France; it’s more of a nickname.

Are you ready for your lessons, plebes?  Grab your pad and pencil and check out what de Lesseps has to say after the jump.

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1. Travel.  Instead of putting down money to go on a cruise (eww), take yourself on a trip somewhere different.  Never been to Europe?  Now’s the time.

2. “Step outside your comfort zone,” advises the countess.  This will open you up to new people and new opportunities (and jewelry?).

3. The countess suggests knowing your history, as foreign men like their women “knowledgeable and quick.”

4. Apparently we American women “have less baggage” than our European sisters, so says the countess.  By showcasing our carefree spirit, we’ll nab a royal in no time.

5. “You must be comfortable with who you are. Kate Middleton is a great example of a commoner who just has such good energy and is so positive,” the countess remarked.  “That is really attractive to a royal.”

6. Act and carry oneself like a royal at all times.  Even in my fatty sweatpants?

7. (This last one is questionable, but if I’m promised a mountain of diamonds at the end of my royal wait, then I’ll do the time) “Hang in there. We all know how long Kate waited for her prince to finally propose. These royal men take their sweet time.”


De Lesseps joined her Real Housewives costars April 10th at the 9th annual TV Land Awards in New York City.  She also brought along her entertaining boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay.