Readers Mothering Advice To Britney Spears

Many readers have sent in their advice and tips for Britney and Kevin on how to be great parents. You still have time to do so before we forward them on to the Federlines.

Email us your suggestions –

Plenty of late nights and vodka and red bull. That ‘ll sort junior out, make him/her tough.

Good God whatever she does DON’T let her dress the poor child. She’s had such a horrible influence on the teens wardrobes. I shudder to think what, I’m not a Zygote not yet a baby, will be sporting. As for Mr. Spears, should he leave her for another floptart in his one man procreation tour, seems to me both she and les enfant will be better off. Just sayin’!~

You should be careful about your snack foods from now on considering your child may asphixiate in the cloud of Cheeto dust. Just a helpful hint.

brittany needs to treat her step children as equals to her birthchild or her marriage is doomed and she will hurt her child more than she will ever know.

even if her marriage doesn’t last her child will have blood siblings that the child needs to grow up knowing and loving. i have seen my grandchildren endure more pain in their short lives because the parents were shallow enough to cut off all contact with each other when their “love” didn’t work out.

good luck and enjoy adulthood.

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Red Bull in a baby bottle is not a good idea, ok?

Dear Britney,
Get your husband fixed.


Give Shar Jackson a call, I’m sure she can give you lot’s of tips.