Reader Email: It’s On!

A few weeks ago a post regarding Uggs generated a lot of heated opinions. A few readers even sent emails with some comments. Both pro Uggs and Ugg haters had a few things to say. While I am remaining like Switzerland (it’s neutral and they have very nice watches) on the issue, one of my faithful fans suggested a poll. Well, I am here to give my readers what they ask for so let the battle of the Ugg begin.

“I read the Ugg post you did a few days ago and I think that those bitches at the store opening are classless. Who goes to support something just for the free booze. How tacky. I love my Uggs! Could we do a “trend-off” like a poll or something to proove they still rock?!” ~ Emily, NJ

“Uggs are awful! They look like someone skinned a Yeti and tried to pass them off as trendy footwear. Even though they have a huge following they are still a faux pas. They have been “over” for a long time and people just keep trying to hang on to stupid things. They are worse than those damn Crocs. People keep saying they are so comfortable and a must have in the colder areas. But I live in Chicago and you will never see me in those hideous boots. It’s like saying a fanny pack is acceptable because it it convenient. NO!” ~Madison L., Chicago

Cast your vote after the jump to put the final blow on the subject.

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