Whitney Houston To Ray J: “Shut Up About Us Already, Mouthy Bitch!”

April 10th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Whitney Houston is experiencing a couple of setbacks in her stirring comeback. Namely, that every man she’s been with in the last ten years is writing about her sex life. The ladies haven’t come forward, yet. But they are going to need money for crack rock sooner or later, so sit tight.

After Whitney split from Bobby Brown (Bobby Brown? IS THAT YOU?), she took up with young recording artist/porn entrepreneur Ray J. Friends say Ray J had himself photographed with Whitney at every possible opportunity. Slut.

Anyway, they ended things but Ray J appears to be embroiling himself in Whitney’s business once more. He’s recorded a “dis track” (god, I am really lame and white when I type that) to Bobby Brown’s recent tell-all book about Whitney’s drug use and bisexuality.

“Is that your wife, is that your shorty, well I’m her boyfriend . . . I think the problem is you don’t beat it right . . . Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes,” Ray J sings on the track entitled “Boyfriend.” Wow, he’s a real talent. He’s going to go places. Wouldn’t he have pulled her weave off during lovemaking? Those weave tracks must have been poppin’. Who am I kidding? He probably tugged once and she belted him in the face. Ms. Whitney is no one’s punk.

Ray J’s a total media whore. He also taped himself pissing on Kim Kardashian and ran to every venue he could to sell it. Love in this club! Can’t knock his hustle.


By J. Harvey

  1. biggy

    ray is a bastard how can he just go about talking rubbish about my favorite female artiste knowing quite well she is just trying to get over her drug stuff

  2. jala

    I am ok with ray j do the wrong thing like when he was on the tyra show and he did the tape with kim kardashian but I forgave him what ever he do but he his a great artis and a best artis in the world and he appoligise for what did and he did not ment to do that he just want to do it for fun and so do say my gosh just to make him to bad or worst make him think that it is alright to do it that one time only that time and I know that he not going to do the wrong thing again so just think what you say and right after you think about what you say come on here again and say I am sorry ray j I will take that back I am not going to say that again I am sorry for what I say I am going back to my fan body and just went out of my fan body. And do not cusust because if you do I will say beep. I will bleep you out so please don t cust like I say. but I like you ray j I like you bro.

  3. mikey

    leave whitney alone, let her live her life n peace, i love her music, she is a human being wih feelings. somebody always want to try n pull u down n this world, what a shame, i send her my support, best wishes n good luck ms houston, keep on striving to be better,. do good for u n ur daughter, remember jesus loves u, i love u too. you can do all things through christ who strengthens u. keep ur head up

  4. jode

    hahaha bitch

  5. Noodle

    ah immature people with nothing to do but criticize..
    jheezzzz leave the woman alone..at least she’s making the effort to be better and change her life around for her daughter unlike those oh so many fools that drag their kids down with them..
    she made mistakes and she’s fixing them..
    if you were in her shoes, this kinda crap would demotivate you..think twice..

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