Ray J Claims Sex Tape ‘Created’ Kim Kardashian

February 24th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Ray J may have lost his mind. He is apparently trying to get some press by claiming that the sex tape he made with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian ‘created’ her in the public eye and that without it, she never would have become famous. The photos above are from when they dated in 2006.

The singer also said that he ‘created’ reality TV star Cocktail, who stars in his show For The Love Of Ray J. That I can understand – it’s on his show, but Kim…I dunno.


“This is how I feel about it – I don’t hang with stars, I create stars. So you know Kim was created, Cocktail was created and now I’m off to a new project.I wish them well, I hope they have major success in their life. They are great girls, they got good heads on their shoulders and I want them to be successful, and I’m off to the next project,” he told Gossip On This.

Well, perhaps he should really work on trying to make himself successful versus looking like a barnacle on the hull of celebrity-dom. I’m sure Whitney Houston wants to get back in the press Ray J, why don’t you go and recreate her now…

By Justin Thompson

  1. great white north

    is he wrong? wasn’t she just some Paris Hilton wannabe before the tape came out?

  2. Cha Cha Loca

    As big a douchebag as he is, he would be correct. She was a big fat nobody before the tape came out and still is as far as I’m concerned. I love when the tabloids refer to her as “amatuer porn actress” LOL. He’s just tellin it like it is!

  3. Twinkle

    Wow! Kim used to be so pretty. Is it age, plastic surgery or make up like cake frosting these days?

  4. italia

    This guy is so WHACK! Such a sleeze. He and Brandy deserved to be brother and sister. I’m so glad KK moved on. Really Dude…? Really?

  5. Hi, super Artikel. Ich verfolge das selbe Themengebiet und warte gespannt auf mehr Beiträge zu dem Thema.

  6. Anna

    Imagine what he would have become if he were not a churchman’s son? Trust me, those people who talk about their religious upbringing are the worst perverts on earth. I’d be ashamed to have raised such son if I were his mom or his dad.

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