Raven Symone Denies Naked Photos, Lesbian Girlfriend

Oh, this is SO Raven! The actress is apparently none-too-thrilled about rumors swirling on the internet about her sending naked pictures of herself to a possible lady friend.

Seen at the 5th Annual Black Women Rock event last week, Raven Symone apparently was taking some saucy photos of her seductively posing that were leaked online, but she took to her Twitter account to clear up the mess…

“Well, there it happened again… A picture that I put as my Twitter profile got twisted into a story that isn’t true. Let’s clear things up for a second time… I AM NOT NAKED, I have had a career that has been a blessing (in) my life without taking my clothing off… And I have no intention to start (stripping off) now,” she wrote.

“You know what happens with rumors like that? My mom calls me at 6am… About something that’s not true. I did not send that to any lady friend. I actually have clothes on. Those are not naked pictures, and I’m not in a relationship with a girl.”

PS: What is her outfit about? Yellow is not a pretty color on her and the makeup is terrible.