Raquel Welch Tired Of Being A Sex Symbol

Raquel Welch
opened up to Fox News about being a woman aging in Hollywood to promote  her new book Raquel Welch: Beyond The Cleavage. The 69-year-old actress said that she thinks it is a shame that Hollywood is biased away from older women, as she feels it is a pivotal time in a woman’s life when she figures out who she is.

“There’s an authentic Raquel
that has nothing to do with a fur bikini or dinosaurs, and of the rest
of the movies or any of the rest of the bikini shots, and I just felt
that it was time to let her out of the closet,” Welch said.

She also wants to bust myths that men age better than women.

“It’s always been classically,
the young girl with the older guy, because the men are supposed to age
so much better than women–which is totally not true,” Welch said. “Have
you ever gone to a class reunion and checked out the paunches and the balding heads? No, it’s not true.” So true. For every George Clooney, there’s a dozen of those guys, sorry to say. 

“My priorities have changed,
and I have to accept that I’m not the same, and maybe it’s a good
thing. I feel better about myself,” Welch said, pictured still looking pretty damn fabulous leaving her NYC hotel yesterday.

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