Rappers Manage to Synch up Their Arrests

July 23rd, 2007 // 6 Comments

OK, they didn’t actually do it on purpose, I’m sure, but if this were some sort of Olympic event, I’d have to give these guys an 8.5 for their ability to mirror each other’s movements so gracefully. Rappers, Lil’ Wayne and Ja Rule, somehow managed to both get arrested in New York last night for possession of .40-caliber weapons. The two arrests took place within an hour and a few blocks within one another. In both cases, police initially stopped the men for one reason, only to unearth a .40-caliber pistol, resulting in a criminal possession charge. Ja Rule was tagged for excessive speeding and expired tags, while police claimed that they had witnessed Lil’ Wayne smoking marijuana on board his tour bus. Because I’m silly, I secretly wished this had happened to Lil’ Wayne and Lil’ Zane.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    I am completely bored and disgusted with celebrity thugs. Seriously! I was told by a prison guard friend of mine that the teardrops on Lil Wayne’s face represent the number of people he has killed for his gang. Nice.

  2. Shootingstar

    Why is Nas so damn sexy?

    Why? Why? Why?

  3. Ashley

    Lil Wayne’s an idiot. Did anyone ever see his Cribs episode. His house was not only tacky and had like no furniture but at one point he was showing off his toy car collection (yea I know) and he couldn’t spell the simplest word. It was train or something very elementary. Then he kept talking, splurring the stupidest nonsense and you were thinking how does this idiot, who is probably about as stupid as Bush (same vocabulary and all), have more money then me?

  4. yeh

    Funny that you compare his intelligence to Bush’s, you should check the song Georgia (Bush) about what Katrina et al. (dedication 2 mixtape) But I guess that’s a little too high-brow for you. Go listen some more indie.

  5. domyan

    get the fuck off lil waynes nuts you haters

  6. Miguel

    LOL!Haters!?Thats why they continue doing those things,stupid rappers/thugs,so much money & killing people…how sad…
    Im ashamed of being black

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