Rapper Khia Dissing Janet Jackson For No Good Reason

It looks like someone needs to take a chill pill. Rapper Khia is bad-mouthing Janet Jackson because she thinks she’s been nixed from what will be Janet Jackson’s second single off of her forthcoming CD. She’s calling for a boycott of Janet’s new CD, 20 Year’s Old, and she apparently has no reason to do so. Jermaine Dupri has cleared this whole thing up:

Contrary to what has been reported, Khia will be featured on the new Janet Jackson album. I can verify that the song, “So Excited,” which features Khia, is in the process of being mixed and will appear on Janet’s highly anticipated release, 20 Years Old, when it hits stores on September 26th.

More photos of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri from his LG party, after the jump.

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