Rapper Ice-T And Other Celebs’ Thoughts On Gun Control [PHOTOS]

July 25th, 2012 // 2 Comments

Celebrities are expressing their thoughts on gun control following the massacre in Aurora, Colorado where a man killed at least 12 people and left dozens injured during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises

Rapper and Law and Order SVU star Ice-T defended the right to bear arms in an interview with Channel 4 London, as reported by Rolling Stone

“The right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny. Not to hunt. It’s to protect yourself from the police. If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it.”

When host Krishnan Guru-Murthy presented the argument that “guns may facilitate murderous acts”, he rebutted saying:

“Not really. You can strap explosives on your body. They do that all the time.”

Ice-T isn’t the only celebrity putting in his two cents. Others expressed their thoughts on gun control via Twitter, including Cory Monteith, Piers Morgan, and Miley Cyrus (to name a few).

Launch the gallery to see what some celebrities had to say about the heated debate on gun control. Most have some thoughts on the controversial matter, now view theirs.

By Amanda Gomez

  1. candle westmoreland

    Oh Hell, the discussion about gun control comes up every time there is a massacre. I say the may was exercising his constitutionally guaranteed right to bare arms and stood what he thought was his ground. I’m saying shut up and stop sending your hearts out to victims and families if you nave no plans to do something about the stupid laws Any fool should be able to see that the law was drawn in a time when it might have been necessary to settle things with a firm arm. Things have changed and there is no reason for anybody to carry a fire arm unless that person is a policeman, in the armed services or a government body where carrying a weapon is necessary to maintain order.

  2. Danah

    @candle who says, “There is no reason for anybody to carry a fire arm.”

    1. Second Amendment. Read it.
    2. Supreme Court ruling on Castle Rock v. Gonzales. Read it.
    3. Criminals. Because when seconds count, police are minutes away. Please publish your home address and leave your front door unlocked. I’m sure the criminals would be quite appreciative.

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