Randy Jackson Is Mr. Bug Eyes [PHOTOS]

Randy Jackson is a free spirit and I get that.  However, I have to ask: What the hell is he wearing?  I’m pretty sure those are Tom Ford lady shades on his face, but I can’t confirm what is atop his head.  Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest is either leaning against or comparing his height to that burly gent.  Don’t you people have a show to put on?

Wonder if Jennifer Lopez will make off with an Idol keepsake…

Tomorrow night (May 23rd) is American Idol’s finale (friggin’ finally), and it’s between Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.  We’ll probably have to suffer through some performance by Lopez because this is her final bow as well (let’s make it about the kids, k?), but all eyes are on the contestants as they’ll battle it out to be season’s American Idol.

Mr. Fuller, you should hire me.