Randomness: Carl Lewis, The GOP, HipHop Response To Paris Hilton

October 8th, 2004 // 2 Comments

These three items having nothing in common – but I thought I would share.

- What was Carl Lewis thinking?

- The GOP National Convention Remix. [via Andymatic]

- AllHipHop.com responds to Paris Hilton’s alledged slur.

So, Paris Hilton wants to call us niggers, huh? OK, you fake socialite, heroin-addict looking, flat-butt having, lazy eye, non-writing, wanna be rapper/video hoe – we got your number – literally… Personally, we don’t care how much money you have. We stay at the Marriott anyway, so f**k the Hilton.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Trini

    Ha ha…Halarious response…I wanna see that part in the tape so that i know it is really true…If it is then she deserves some serious backlash, and nicole too for not slapping the shyt out of her.

  2. Ru

    what the hello???!
    If i ever doubted that Carl Lewis WASNT gay..after seeing that “video” i know he is now…i guess the rumours are true…HE IS WEARING A LEOTARD!!! thats like a baby’s onesy for adults and eyeliner????
    sad sad day for ppl from Texas

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