Random Celebrity Photos: Tara Reid & Amber Rose Pose In NYC [PHOTOS]

Tara Reid Is Queen
Queen of the nip slips that is.
First of all, well done Tara Reid! The America Reunion actress has really had a steady string of fabulous outfits and seems to have lost that coked-out look on her face. Second of all, Amber Rose, what are you wearing? I’ll let it go this time, because honestly I never have any idea what you’re wearing. 

Now, back to the story: ready for some random? Who knew that Tara Reid and Amber Rose were friends? Kinda. The duo are staying at the same hotel in New York City and obviously felt the need to pose together outside the hotel. They literally bumped into each, said hi and posed. Love it. 

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos. I’m really proud of Tara. She seems to be trying to make a difference. Amber on the other hand, it’s all about her engagement ring. Obviously.