Ramona Singer Dons Bikini, Still Denies Alcoholism

Lifestyles of the rich and the faded.

Real Housewife of New York, Ramona Singer, was spotted vacaying off the coast of Italy in a teeny bikini and thanks to a sturdy hand from hubby, Mario, actually managed to stay upright, amidst her constant denial of addiction to the Pinot Grigio persuasion.

Photos: Ramona. Will. Cut. You.

Leave it to our trusty companions at Bravo to continue tainting our worldview on reality renewing these women for additional seasons but according to “insider sources”, the women may have grown to hate each other so much that producers are worried they won’t be able to film because of all the “toxic” relations between the cast.

Hellerr. Who’s even surprised? These reunions are such a s*** show to watch, it’s a miracle they don’t shank each other while the cameras are rolling and really do some facial restructuring for some ratings.

Renewed season or not, Ramona looks hot for being 54. Grab yourself a beverage momma cause you are on fire.