Ramiele Malubay Discovers That Cute Has An Expiration Date

April 3rd, 2008 // 8 Comments

We all saw this one coming. Ramiele Malubay got tossed on American Idol last night. Her performance of “Here You Come Again” on Dolly Parton Night did nothing for the judges or America. This should have happened awhile ago. She was a cute little dumpling, but Amanda Overmyer and Chikezie got screwed because of her. That demogoblin Kristy Lee Cook is still wrapped in the American flag and hanging on tight. Why? WHY? The only thing I can think of is that she’s got some pictures of Simon exposing himself at a playground. Did Brooke White dress AS Dolly Parton last night?

David Cook’s fine, by the way. You can come down off your ledges.

By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie

    bout time that twit got booted. in the beginning, i think paula thought she could turn ramalamadingdong into a mini-paula. but in the end, i guess the american tweens just weren’t havin’ it.

    i’m betting that kristy lee just goes ahead and sings the star spangled banner — regardless of the genre or artist theme. or maybe ave maria? rudolph the red nosed reindeer? ugh.

  2. sandy

    I agree the little girl was due to leave. I couldn’t stand her hair. And I didn’t like when she said something like “it’s about time for someone like me to win”. Dunno if she meant Asian, minority, or whatever. I just found it offensive like when that hispanic dude did it last year.

    I LOVE Kristy Lee. She is the all-American, adorable girl with no tatoos or cleavage hanging out. She has a big following, but it may include some rednecks who don’t have phones.

    Why do people like her bother some Americans so much? Can’t stand that good, squeaky-clean image, huh? Rather have disgusting tatoos, tons of makeup/black eyeliner, slutty clothes, and skanky behavior?

    I don’t like Brooke. She is a confrontational, boring fraud.

  3. peachpie

    sandy, yeah that was kinda weird when ramalamadingdong made that comment. in my mind, i referenced the hispanic dude’s comment too.

    kristy lee doesn’t bother me with her clean looks, tattoo-free skin, and eyelinerless eyes. she bothers me because she just plain can’t sing. lol she’s cute as a button, no doubt, and probably a sweet girl too. but dang… how she got this far with that voice, i’ll never know.

    and brooke… she’s just… well… odd. she’s one of the ppl that everyone looks at and thinks “oh, well, she was born in the wrong decade!”

  4. I LOVE Brook. I think just because she’s so much like me. You hit the nail on the head when you said she was born in the wrong decade. I hear that all the time. hahah. I can’t stay Kristy, she really, really annoys me with her absolute lack of talent. I liked Ramiele a lot, I definitely think Kristy should have gone home last night. People are still voting for her because she’s kinda cute.

  5. TheHell

    She didn’t sing “Here You Come Again”, that was Carly. Little Bit sang “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” and BUTCHERED it. That’s why she’s G-O-N-E!

  6. Jeanie

    So glad she got the boot. I can’t stand to see her bawl after elmination, not because I care, but because I think it’s really, really annoying. She should’ve been happy, not crying when someone other than her got cut. Plus, she’s really really short and small people freak me out.

  7. ray

    wtf blame chikizie and amanda’s elimination to ramiele??? they are the one hus making their judgement in idol and it’s too obvious that all of you are ramiele’s haters. If you can stand ramele’s very down to earth and and nice attitude, i can’t stand kristy lee’s rudeness and her singing sounded like a chipmunk like britney doing trisha yearwood! maybe ramiele has downgraded into mediocre from outstanding (her first weeks) ramiele has the voice of her generation. her vocal quality is awesome although she lacks of technicality due to stage frights, her studio versions sounds flawless. and she can polished it by more training, and fyi, ramiele is the only contestant who have no professional experience, all of them has, carly archuleta, cook, brok. etc etc even syesha. i thought idols are for those unknown and dont have any professional experience right???

  8. mary

    i cant see anything wrong with ramiele’s do i ever cross your mind. this is better than the original. she did not butchered the song contrary to what theHell is saying, but it is mediocre. simon is right that it is the song, because ramiele as the judges said is the most outstanding vocals in the females. ramiele as i can see will make it into music industry because she has a pop persona. and she have lots of tv guestings today, lots than chikiezie amanda and david.

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