Raise Your Hand If Your Sick Of Lindsay Lohan

Tough shit.  You’re going to listen to more Lindsay Lohan news and you’re going to like it.

Wazzup!  Evil overlord TMZ revealed yesterday that Ms. Lohan has to make a nightly call to her probation officer to find out if she will be required to take a drug test the next day.

Right about now you’re thinking, ‘how could anyone screw up anything that easy?’  Well

Fun fact: on the list of drugs that can be taken with a SCRAM bracelet, Adderall and Ambien.  And the terrorists win!

In other news, some advance pictures of the Linda Lovelace movie Inferno starring Lindz were released by photographer Tyler Shields.  You can see those pictures in the gallery.  They are tres dramatic.

Also in the gallery are pictures of Lindsay leaving a friend’s house to meet with her probation officer at the courthouse in Santa Monica.  I know I’m always making fun of her for being such a hot mess, but seriously, she looks like shit.  Hey, don’t attack me; I’m just being honest.  If you were going to the courthouse to meet your probation officer, wouldn’t you drag a comb through your weave and wear something that doesn’t scream ‘hey, I was at the Chateau Marmont all night!’  Since you are obviously the pinnacle of rawness, I’m guessing the answer is yes.