Rafael Nadal Receives Spain’s Flag For London’s Olympic Games 2012 [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal Strips
Rafael Nadal strips for Emporio Armani.
“I want to thank all the federations that have given me this opportunity. The Games are the most important sporting event in the world, for any athlete it means reaching your goal,” said Nadal. The world renowned tennis star will be returning for the London Olympics and is nastolgic of his experience during the last one in 2008. “In Beijing 2008, when I lived in the Village with everybody, I discovered what the Olympic spirit is all about. I think it was the best experience I’ve had in my career,” commented Nadal. The 26-year-old is looking to the future with immense gratitude and can-do spirit.

Nadal has gratitude and respect for his opponent in the Wimbeldon tournament Lukas Rosol to whom he lost to in the second round. “I played against an inspired opponent and I am out. That’s all. It’s not a tragedy. It’s only a tennis match. At the end, that’s life. There are much more important things. Sure, I wanted to win, but I lost. It’s not a tragedy.” His remark consolidates his character and attitude towards fair play.

Rafa dominated the Roland Garros 2012 marking a record of wins in his 7th French Open in June and is currently a holder of 11 grand slam singles titles. The tennis legend well known for his blunt personality and speaks with sincerity.

The tennis star may have struck out in Wimbledon early but his career is definitely  still in full throttle despite combating knee issues from the tennis court.

Watch out Olympic competitors, Spain has harnessed its most prized weapon and he is ready to slice on the tennis court! Launch the gallery to view the Spanish hunk receive his country’s flag!