Rafael Nadal Looks Adorable, Gets Ready For US Open [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal is quite the cutie. He’s sweet, humble, has that adorable accent–I think he’s a keeper! Rafael was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night promoting his autobiography Rafa and talking about life as the number 2 tennis player in the world. Check out a video of the interview after the jump.

He may be only 25-years-old, but Rafael knows what’s up. Tennis websites love him, normal websites love him and people watch tennis because they’re interested in him and enjoy watching. That’s really got to be the most exciting thing for a sports star, knowing that loads of people are tuning into a game just to watch you.

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Sadly Rafael wasn’t shirtless during the interview, which was actually kind of a surprise since he seems to often have his shirt off, but he looked fantastic never the less. The star is from a small island in Spain called Manacor, which he considers to be the best place in the world (adorable!), and is quite the superstar in Spain. He started playing tennis at age 3 and never stopped.

Wanna know the other great thing about Rafael? He also models! He’s been doing quite a bit of Armani lately which looks quite good. Looks like I’m gonna have to watch the US Open just to see him be cute. Or I could just go after the jump and check out the video. As well as look at adorable him in the gallery. I’ll do it all. You should too!