Rafael Nadal Enjoys Sardinia, Healing Knee For London Olympics [PHOTOS]

July 10th, 2012 // 5 Comments

Rafael Nadal announced last week that he’s focusing on recovery ahead of the London Olympics, just a few weeks away.  He had to pull out of a charity match against Novak Djokovic after receiving the news from his doctors.

“I wish to apologize to all, especially the supporters who had already purchased tickets for this good cause,” Nadal said in a statement on the Real Madrid website, according to ESPN.

“Doctors have been examining my knee and say I suffer from tendinitis on the patellar ligament and that I must rest for 15 days, which prevents me from playing against Novak Djokovic as planned and announced. 

“I saw the doctors on Monday and began the recovery process to be fit to represent Spain in the London Olympics. We will try to look for a new date for the event.  ”I will now combine my recovery with short holidays before returning to training in 15 days. Once again, thanks to all.”

Nadal, who lost to Czech Lukas Rosol in the second round of Wimbledon last week, enjoyed some time off in Sardinia with friends yesterday (July 9th).

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Playah

    15 days?
    How long does it take to get pumped to the gills with steroids? I would think an afternoon would be sufficient. But then again, those pesky anti-doping folks might be hanging around at the Olympics, so we better schedule a saline injection every day for a couple of weeks, just to cover up the evidence!

    • Ken

      why not ask the Wimbledon champ who never gets injured? you just gave out the answer

    • playah

      Hey, I’m not saying any of the top players are completely above suspicion. If any of the top ten were totally clean, they’d be less reluctant to talk about doping in the sport. But come on…Nadal’s audacity is unbelievable. He never shows signs of a knee injury on the court, but takes breaks for “treatments” that include injections that (a) have been proven to have no effect, and (b) can be used to mask the presence of banned substances. And when he comes back from these “treatments”, he never tires, and beats the crap out of everyone. Until, of course, the next “treatment”. It’s as predictable as the phases of the moon, and when all of the weird things about Nadal’s injuries, physique (he says he never lifts weights!), breaks in his schedule, tournament results, bitching about drug testing, and, yes, the country in which he is “treated”, reasonable people could only conclude that he is doping.

  2. Misty

    Rafa was greatly missed at Wimbledon! My family, friends, and I love this guy! He exempifies the attributes of a great human being and incredible athlete; a person of integrity and great character. It is rare and refreshing to witness such a unique champion who has tasted so much success; yet, he is so humble and thankful, taking nothing for granted. Wishing him good health and happiness as he continues to pleasure us with his extraordinary skills and beautiful personality on and off the court Enjoy Rafa, but hurry back to us. We are missing you!

  3. El Tio Elvio
    Commented on this photo:

    Cada dia transpira mas este Nadal che!!

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