Rachel Weisz’s Apeish Eyebrows

According to the Celebrity Baby Blog, Rachel Weisz was due to deliver her baby yesterday, but there she is, still wandering the streets of New York City. Soon she’ll have to spend much more time attending to her soon to be born baby. This will leave less time for her to focus on personal grooming, which according to the Oscar winning actress, is much needed in the eyebrow department.

Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz has confessed she looks like an “ape,” if she doesn’t get her eyebrows plucked regularly.

The Mummy actress, who beat Liz Hurley and Kate Moss to top a poll of Britain’s most beddable women, admits following a strict beauty regime, to keep her hairy eyebrows in shape.

“They end up looking like something from Planet Of The Apes if I don’t pluck them regularly,” The Sun quoted her, as saying.

Rachel Weisz wages war against eyebrows! [Hindustan Times]