Rachel Uchitel Is A Whiney Hoe

So now we’re all supposed to feel bad for this bitty.

While it’s totally okay that Tiger Woods’ wife has to see all her husband’s many hoes splashed across the grocery store lines (getting paid to talk about boning her man, no less), it is NOT okay to call one of them a hooker. That’s right folks, that’s where the blasphemy must be put to an end! I tell you, these bitches have a lot of nerve.

One of my favorites, Joy Behar, was being her usually comedic self when she jokingly referred to one of Tiger’s bitties as a “hooker”. Rachel Uchitel, the first hoe exposed, was apparently angered by the insinuation that she is PAID to perform sexual deeds on married men. No Joy, Rachel only gets paid to TALK about it, not actually do it! She does that for free, baby!

Am I coming across less than sympathetic? Oh, that’s because I am. A rep from The View even apologized on behalf of Joy, if for any reason her comments hurt Rachel’s feelings.

Oh pUHHlease, bitch. If you let a very-married Tiger Woods throw his hot-dog down your hallway, you can’t get uppity when people call you less than desirable names. Honey, this is America, and you can bone whoever you want, but we can say whatever we want when ya do it!

Gallery Info: Rachel Uchitel braves the New York City weather in a skimpy get-up.