Rachel Uchitel Did Not Seduce Jeremy London

August 24th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Jeremy London insisted that he is not one of the many men under America’s (least) favorite mistress Rachel Uchitel. The Celebrity Rehab co-stars have become close as they overcome their respective addictions together in a Pasadena recovery center, but the Party of Five actor insists their relationship is completely platonic.

“Without a doubt we are only friends,” London said. We never even kissed. We’ve never had an affair.”

Rachel’s temptress charms failed on London, who said their bond is “like brother and sister.” And it seems Rachel already has a new (married?) man in her sights anyway: she was seen strolling along an L.A. beach with yesterday with said mystery man.

“She’s an amazing person and [the media] keeps messing with her,” said London. “I think I can identify with her because of that.”

Why because the media says crazy things about you too? Maybe that’s because you ARE crazy!

By Lola Robertson

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