Rachel Ray Talks Food

Combining my two great loves of food and attention from a television audience, Rachel Ray has crafted a career that I would love more than anything to snatch very violently from her. Alas, since I cannot, I will simply have to satisfy myself by writing about her and her new show. In a recent interview with WTAE TV, Rachel gave a shout-out to Pittsburgh (Take that, Sienna Miller):

“I dig Pittsburgh,” said Rachael. “A very misunderstood place, I find. I had so much fun there and so much good food. It’s a fun place.” Rachael said she is happy with how the show is going so far. “We’re happiest about how much viewer content there is in every show,” said Rachael. “How much the viewers are a part of the programming and a part of the process.” And before she zipped out of the kitchen to tape her third show of the day, Rachael had a message for Pittsburgh residents. “We love you,” Rachael said. “I’m coming to see you for a book tour real soon, so see you in a couple weeks, actually. I’ll be there.”

To which Pittsburgh responded by blushing and stammering, “She didn’t really say that, did she? She did? Did she look like she was serious, or do you think she was joking?”

Written by Lisa Timmons

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