Rachel McAdams Films With 50 Cent, Reacts To ‘The Notebook: The Musical’

It’s been quite some time since Rachel McAdams filmed The Notebook with Ryan Gosling–in fact, here she is working on a new movie with 50 Cent. The two are filming scenes on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for their movie, Morning Glory.

But Rachel recently heard news that the movie that helped launch her career will be revisited on the Broadway stage as a musical. When Access Hollywood chatted with the actress, they informed her of the news.

McAdams reacted with surprise and said, “I would go see that. I’m curious. I can’t imagine how that would work out, but I would love to see it.” Ooh, maybe Fiddy could somehow get involved. That would be wonderfully weird.

Gallery Info: Rachel McAdams films Morning Glory on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with 50 Cent.