Rachel McAdams

August 10th, 2005 // 62 Comments

Thoughts on this summer’s “It Girl”?

(Image Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mystery

    I love her…she’s beautiful.

  2. Lisa

    I think she is wonderful. Hope she doesn’t end up like all the others.

  3. heidi

    she has been very fun to watch in the movies that she has been in – mean girls, wedding crashers and i look forward to seeing red eye.

  4. bitchy richie

    cute but the outfit is a bit dowdy…
    and what’s with the white pumps?
    I guess she can pull it off since
    it isn’t labor day yet…

  5. Lisa


    You need to check out the Notebook. One of the best love stories I’ve seen in a long time, and Rachel is great in it.

  6. AER

    SO HAPPY SOMEONE ELSE HAS NOTICED HER! I’ve loved her since The Notebook, and I’m not even mushy like that!

    She’s sooooo pretty. Something about her smile makes me smile. (I know, mad cheesy).

  7. peter griffin

    she is awesome. so happy to see someone who actually has some TALENT finally getting the recognition they deserve

  8. Liz

    um…hello? Mean Girls?!?

    She was so great!

  9. Mariana

    She just hasn’t really caught my eye. I know who is she is, but she strikes me as being kind of bland and uninteresting in just about every way. Just my opinion, though. If she’s finding success and is happy, good for her.

  10. ma

    She is beautiful and amazingly with what ever hair color she happens to have in a movie. She is like a chamelion.

  11. Anne

    I think she’s mega-talented and has a sparkling, warm sort of beauty that’s very appealing. Big things ahead for this girl.

  12. ERICA


  13. Coco

    Good job richie, on being the only one here to make a completely shallow and superficial statement.

  14. Jenna

    Well aren’t we being nice today, bitches…

  15. mimi

    I like her…not hollywood at all.

  16. Alicia

    Her beauty can’t help a bad decision of parading oneself around in a pink bathrobe with 80′s white pumps. I certainly hope that her stylist isn’t as mentally retarded as 85% of the other starlets and that this is a onetime snapfu!

  17. mary

    I agree, I love her too.

    But I hope ppl wont start bashing her when she gets more famous and exposed..cuz that tends to happen to all of them.

  18. mary

    Oh, and I’ve loved her since Hot Chicks!

  19. mtb

    she’s an awesome actress… one of the best in a very long time (in my humble opinion, anyway). she has a natural beauty that I htink is going to catch on.

    With nearly all actresses flashing more skin than i care to see (uhh hello ‘accidental’ nipple shots), i find her outfit very refreshing.

  20. Brandi

    Also love her! The Notebook was awesome!!!

  21. grace

    She’s talented and gorgeous. She deserves “it” status. SHE didn’t acquire HER status simply because her fiance cheated on her…..

  22. justachick

    Okay, I’ll be bitchy.

    Just what Hollywood needs, another young, white, blonde woman.

    They are all starting to look the same to me.

  23. Amy R.

    She’s talented and beautiful. She’s chosen (or was cast in) excellent roles and you can tell she has spent a lot of time studying her craft- she’s extremely versatile. She deserves “It girl” status, and she sets an example that other actresses should emulate.

  24. Cynthia

    Who cares about this outfit? At least she isn’t showing half her body and getting press because of Daddy’s money or sex tapes.

  25. Noelle

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Something very “old Hollywood” about her. She comes across as very down-to-earth in the roles I’ve seen her in too. Love her!

  26. sith lord

    she was beautiful last night on Letterman…hope she stays in Toronto and avoids all the crap that the L.A. young actors seem to go through…has she been naked in any movies?

  27. Jo

    I second the bland comment. Boring. Like Doris Day, only more boring, and I’ve seen the notebook and mean girls.

    Give me crazy Lohan anyday!

  28. Nicole

    she looks so average…nothing I haven’t seen a hundred times before.

  29. Blueprynt

    It looks like she just ripped a shower curtain down and wrapped it around herself

  30. angeladevi

    Massive forehead, that’s all I see…

  31. I’m loving the outfit. And her hair is delightful. So gorgeous.

  32. I used to think she way a little scary looking in Mean Girls, but so really is beautiful.

  33. mariposa negra


    I’m sorry, was there something interesting we were supposed to be looking at? Another fucking skinny white chick. Whatever.

  34. Blurrz

    sith lord:

    She is topless in “My Name Is Tanino.”


  35. zarinah


    she’s the only girl from that movie who can act. Why does Lindsay Lohan get all the press? She cant act or get a real role if her life depended on it.

    Why are Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, and The Olsens are classified as It Girls when they have nothing but questionable talent and an iffy fashion sense to show for it. The world needs more Rachels and Scar Jo’s.

  36. ANDREA


  37. bad bunny

    i love racheal…beautiful, talented, funny, Canadian! she’s a smart girl i’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

  38. Shani

    she looks really boring to me. I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her again.

  39. She’s Hot-tastic! And, yeah, bonus points for being Canadian.

  40. kraven moorhead

    i would like to eat the peanuts out of her shit….

  41. Brad Meyer

    She is pretty but The Notebook was awesomely bad. The acting was some of the worst I’ve seen. She should stick to movies like Mean Girls.

  42. jeremy

    That bitch has a got a HUGE forehead.

  43. wtf?

    k, first of all, i think Rachel is totally gorgeous! and she has great talent, which is something we are lacking in hollywood these days. and for all u that keep saying she has a “huge forehead”, ya’ll can go fuck yourselves because that’s what makes her so gorgeous. she has such strong features and her forehead is what balances them out. okay bitches? but one celebrity that does have a really big forehead is pamala anderson. omg! has anyone else noticed that?! now that bitches forehead is fucking huge!

  44. moi

    Here’s a girl who can, beyond a shadow of a doubt, act. The term “actress” is employed too loosely nowadays… not everyone who appears in a movie deserves that title (Paris? Lindsey? Tara?), but Rachel McAdams definitely does. And, of course, bonus points for being from Ontario.

  45. heidi

    I love her!!! When I saw Hotchick, I knew she’s definitely going to make it big, she’s awesome.

  46. Sah

    Ive seen her on
    the hot chick
    Mean Girls and
    the notebook

  47. Kristina

    Rachel is hardly ugly, but there is nothing special about her. She looks like every other thin, white actress in hollywood. I’m sick of being told that these marginally talented women are the standard of beauty,and that this is what women should look like. She is bland, and is wearing white pumps and a pink coat in the middle of summer. Come on Hollywood, have the balls to give us a little variety and spice.

  48. Nancy L

    I think she is a really pretty girl! She deserves all the fame she’s getting. There is just something so refreshing about her when she smiles. I relly think she’s got a real movie career ahead of her! Good job Rachel!

  49. Ana

    i love her. i think she can really act, she’s got a lot of different characters and she’s been great in every one of them. i don’t think she is extremely pretty, but has something though; agree with the smile comment, her smile just makes me smile. good for her she isn’t “everywhere”, like other stars, she isn’t that hollywood, as someone said.

  50. pissed off!!!!!!

    OMG!!!! To any one who has ever said that she couldn’t act, i wanna see you in a movie playing your oppisite gender!!!! U guys are fricking gay!!!! Rachel is the most beautifull person in the world, okay, and for those of you who say she borinig and unorigional? name 5 other skinny white actressed, like her! and they cant be like her because their white or skinny! they have to be nice, and centual, and not hollywood at all. You just can’t recognize talant when you see it!!!! So up yours!

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