Rachel Hunter Dumped By Fiancé

Well, looks like Rachel Hunter won’t be getting married in August. She has been dumped by her fiancé, Canadian hockey player Jarret Stoll, two months before their wedding was to take place.

Hello Magazine reports that Jarret broke off the engagement, and has failed to give a reason as to why he broke it off.

Rachel is said to be crushed, but finding comfort from ex-husband Rod Stewart. No, not that kind of comfort. He’s happily married to Penny Lancaster.

Well, since we don’t know Jarret Stoll’s reason, let’s make up some of our own! Reason 1: The 12 year age difference. She was 39, he was 27. Reason 2: She has two teenage children that Jarret could no longer deal with. Reason 3: She blamed Canada.

I’m going with reason 3.

Gallery Info: Rachel Hunter and Jarret Stoll strolling around in happier times.