Rachel Bilson Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors

Who isn’t rumored to be pregnant these days? The Rachel Bilson pregnancy rumor all started when the actress was spotted heading into a doctor’s office wearing an oversized raincoat.

Bilson admits she and fiance Hayden Christensen found the whole story “hilarious”.

She tells Cleo magazine, “It was like, ‘Really? Where does this come from?’ I went to the doctors because I have sinus problems. I walk out and it was raining, so I had a big raincoat on – so (the tabloids) thought I was pregnant.

“I had Q-tips stuck up my nose because I’m having sinus issues. If you want to think I’m pregnant, then fine!”

Lesson to be learned. A female celebrity wearing oversized clothes does not mean that they’re pregnant. It does make it fun to speculate though.