Rachel Bilson Gives Advice, Feeds Meter

Actress/designer Rachel Bilson was spotted in Los Feliz grabbing some coffee and lunch along with plugging the requisite parking meter. Rachel attended the Lucky magazine, along with Madwell, party the other night.

Bilson’s mother was on hand to give celebrities like Joy Bryant, Kristen Bell, Rashida Jones, Jessica Capshaw, Anna Faris and Kat Dennings fortune readings.

“I like to tell people I too am insightful, but I don’t know the ways of the tarot cards,” said Rachel. The starlet did, however, have fashion wisdom to impart: “I think it’s great to mix and match pieces and create your own look,” she said of her Madewell top and Myne skirt.

Wow! I had not idea mixing an matching was in?

Gallery Info: Rachel Bilson out and about in Los Feliz on October 21, 2009