Rachel Zoe’s Pregnancy Boost

While most pregnant women shy away from heels, Rachel Zoe is not just any woman! Seen here wearing six-inch Brian Atwood Leopard Boots, Zoe could not be expected to follow all the rules of pregnancy in lieu of putting her best fashion foot forward. But for maximum safety she has her best accessory and husband, Roger Berman, at her side to keep her steady.

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Rachel is almost nine months pregnant and the pair must be bursting with excitement. As any of The Rachel Zoe Project watchers know, both parties were ready for a baby. It seems like the start of  a great year for Rachel as she also tops the list as the Hollywood Reporter’s “Most Powerful Fashion Player.”

“Today, it’s a Coffee Bean run for iced tea, though Zoe’s third-trimester constant must-have is a liter of sparkling water, which she’ll down in an hour, straight from the bottle. With the extra pounds from her pregnancy, all contained in a tiny soccer ball-like shape that’s easily camouflaged, Zoe’s face is plump and full of color. She doesn’t glow; she radiates a sort of serenity you rarely see on her Bravo TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, where she is constantly running ragged and under the gun of scheduled glamour.”

It is no wonder to fashion insiders why Rachel is on top. Not only is she the epitome of glamour herself, she has styled A-list celebrities of all ages, shapes and sizes. Soon we will hear the pitter patter of child size designer shoes. The only question left is will she be have style wars with Suri Cruise or the Beckham boys?