Rachel Zoe’s New Assistant, Jeremiah Brent Says He’s “Very Quiet”

September 13th, 2011 // 5 Comments

If you watched the premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo last Tuesday, then you met Jeremiah.  He-with-a-perfect-coif-and-just-rosy-enough-cheeks Jeremiah BrentRachel Zoe‘s new assistant has exceptional man cleavage and has never met Brad Goreski, the sparkplug that came before him.

New York Magazine caught up with Brent at the opening of the Frye flagship store in New York City, and wouldn’t you know…he’s never met Goreski and refuses to draw comparisons between himself and his predecessor.  “I don’t know Brad. I’ve never met him, so I can’t say. You guys tell me.”  Don’t play that game with us, Brent.  “I’m a little bit more shy and introverted, so this is all, like, hard for me.  I’m very quiet, I like to sit at home with the dog.”  That’s a lie, because you essentially interviewed to be on a reality show.  “So this is all a process, in getting acclimated to it.”  Fear not.  You’re good-looking, so you’ll last a little while in Bravoland.

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With Zoe mourning the loss and betrayal of Goreski (which we feel is more of a “moving on” thing than a betrayal), has she been running a tight ship with her new bestie/assistant/shopping buddy?  “I honestly haven’t had any moment like that. She’s always been so warm and welcoming, her and Rodger have become part of the family to me. I love them to death.”

A piece of advice to Brent: If you feel the need to leave Zoe’s company, tell her that you’re taking what you learned and growing your career.  Don’t tell her that you want to go back to sitting at home with your dog, as Goreski so stupidly did.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. fashionpolice

    thhis new guy is obviously a friend of mandanas, btw is she for real,,, rachel keeps hiring a gay guy for rodger and rachel.. no words. she is a mess and not even funy any more as she takes herself wayyyyyyyyyy too seriously

  2. Yenta

    I think Jeremiah is yummy. He’s replaced Jeff Lewis’s recently fired design associate Trace as my new Bravo crush.

    @fashionpolice: Rachel keeps hiring gay guys for Rodger??!

  3. lily

    Roger don’t do much in company , he is always put negative energy arround him and need to stop complaining that he is tired…doing nothing
    and spending money that he doesn’t make, it look like parasite on Zoe business
    I hope he payed private jet to Vegas from his own money ,not company !!
    drinking .with buddies with company/zoe money …just discusting to watch

    He is not smart enough to see potential of Brent , Roger has zero business quaility and complaining like high maintenence diva.-child..Zoe should give his salary to Brent and send husband to work someelse,So he will stop complaing very fast and apprecate what he has this is not Roger company, Zoe business will be always in negative balance in money if Roger in charge….Roger is parasite who do nothing and kill creative energy ..and act like little spoil kid…

  4. Judy

    I really liked Jeremiah. Please bring him back.

  5. Margaret Jones

    Yes bring back Jeremiah he is real and really a great stylish to bad that show can’t see what they have before he’s GONE!!!!!

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