Rachel Zoe’s Ex-Assistant, Taylor Jacobson Returns To Television [PHOTOS]

Remember Taylor Jacobson, Rachel Zoe’s cranky former assistant?  The one who came before Brad Goreski and made his life hell the first season of The Rachel Zoe Project?  It appears that Tay Tay is back after leaving Zoe’s company (on a very bad note, I might add), and starring in her own reality show on Oxygen.

Jacobson appeared at Oxygen’s Upfronts 2012, helding at Dream Downtown in New York City last night (April 25th).  The stylist with a ‘tude talked to Fashionista.com about her new series, LA Style and if she still talks to her former employer.  Since last night almost marked Jacobson’s birthday, the normally moody stylist had a little spring in her step. 

LA Style follows four young stylists who compete for the top jobs in Hollywood.  Jacobson intends to use it as an “opportunity to clear my name and kind of break off from [my persona on RZP]. I want to show how I’m a stylist, and be known for being a stylist.”  And will we see that attitude come out? “I mean… There’s always alittle cattiness,” Jacobson said with a smirk.  Yayyyyyy.

Though she doesn’t speak to Zoe these days, Jacobson does keep in touch with Bravo’s newest golden boy, Goreski.  “We’re friends.  We support each other. I think he’s super talented and I wish him the best of luck.”

Will you tune into Jacobson’s new show?