Rachel Zoe Tries To Hide Her Growing Baby Bump On A Park Date With Super Cute Skyler

Harper & Skyler
How cute would this kid couple be?
You would never know that Rachel Zoe is pregnant looking at these photos of her at the park yesterday.

The celebrity stylist had definitely styled herself for maximum coverage in a black poncho. Also, how is it that she manages to keep every single other body part super skinny? She and Duchess Catherine clearly need to chat about their pregnancy bodies.

No doubt Rachel and her husband Rodger are looking forward to the future baby, especially because he or she will be a playmate for Skyler

I love that kid. Just look at the sheer joy on his face as he’s on that swing. I mean, I get it. Swings are the greatest things ever invented, but it’s still cute to see him so excited. Aww, children.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the happy family at the park. If you’ll notice, Rachel is wearing crazy, platform shoes. So she’s pregnant, wearing heels and walking in sand. Color me impressed.

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