Rachel Zoe Takes Son Skyler Shopping, Talks About Zoe Media Group

Retro Rachel
Rachel Zoe goes shopping circa 2008.
Rachel Zoe's Work
Zoe has dressed Cameron Diaz for many a red carpet.
Rachel Zoe, decked out in oversized sunglasses, fur and bell bottoms, handed the keys to her Rover over to the valet attendant today (December 16th) in Beverly Hills.  She then grabbed her tot, Skyler Berman and carried him into Barney’s New York for mother-son retail therapy.

Zoe talked to Fashionista.com December 14th at the launch party for her latest endeavor, Zoe Media Group.  After walking the red carpet at the Sayers Club in Hollywood, a YSL-clad Zoe expressed her excitement about the newest addition to Zoe, Inc. 

Asked how she felt about the launch, Zoe said “I’m beyond excited about this expansion of the company. It’s a whole other world for Rachel Zoe, Inc. Honestly, the whole ride is completely scary and exciting and crazy and fun! My team is just the hardest-working group; so enthusiastic, always bringing new ideas to the table. I’m still really hands-on with it all, to be honest. It’s a world I was really afraid of, but now am completely obsessed with.”

Will she ever pull big names like Molly Sims and Cameron Diaz in to help make Zoe Media Group even bigger?  “Right now, I really like keeping it genuine and authentic to who I am. I’m really putting forth our editorial opinion as content,” Zoe said.  “I don’t think it’s a bad idea, actually, so you never know. I’m really open-minded. The possibilities are seriously so endless.”