Rachel Zoe Spent How Much On Skyler Berman’s Wardrobe???

StyleCaster.com raised the question that’s been on every Zoebot’s mind, even before Skyler Berman was born: How much is his wardrobe worth?  When Jeremiah Brent lined up Skyler’s designer booties and perused his closet on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, we couldn’t help but let out a weak “FML” as the camera panned over pint-sized Tod’s, Gucci and Hermes.  No.  Fair.

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Even when Rachel Zoe toted Skyler around West Hollywood yesterday (November 22nd) – mom and son walked around the Guy Hepner Art Gallery in with Zoe’s dad, Ron Rosenzweig – Skyler’s casual outfit smacked of dollar signs.

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So how much do we think Skyler’s wardrobe is worthStyleCaster (via the Daily Mail) reports that Zoe recently revealed the big number.  The stylist has spent $90,000 on Skyler’s duds and his designer nursery.

We’re certain Zoe realizes that Skyler is going to spit up on his $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket, then grow out of it in a matter of months.  At the same time, this is Zoe’s first child and it’s probably very exciting for her to get to dress him up.