Rachel Zoe Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body

April 18th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Rachel Zoe is fast on her way back to pre-Skyler Morrison Berman weight.  Itty bitty Zoe was spotted in Beverly Hills Saturday with a Gap bag and a slim figure.  Don’t try to distract us with that enormous Chanel necklace, Zoe.  We noticed that you’ve erased all evidence of a pregnancy despite having just birthed a babe.

PHOTOS: A Pregnant Rachel Zoe Teeters Around In High Heels

A “friend” of Zoe’s told  The Daily Mail‘s Katie Nicholl (also a royal expert) that Zoe gained “hardly any extra weight” during her pregnancy.  The friend also pointed out, “She has a reputation for helping her Hollywood friends maintain their size-zero frames, and thinks of herself as quite an expert when it comes to keeping trim and healthy during pregnancy.”

Wait, so Zoe’s a weight-loss expert, too?  I’m confused.  Apparently Victoria Beckham has solicited the advice of the new mama, as she wants to keep on the same weight track as the petite stylist.  Beckham’s rep refuted this story, obvi.

By Kelly Lynch

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