Rachel Zoe Looks Matchy With Skyler, Gets Thumbs Down For Golden Globes Make-Up [PHOTOS]

Kanye & Rachel Zoe In Paris
The Two Designers Hit Up The City Of Love
If you didn’t already think that Rachel Zoe and Skyler Berman were one of the cutest mother/son duos in Hollywood, I do hope this changes your mind.

Rachel and her little man were spotted at Hugo’s Cafe in West Hollywood yesterday dressed up and matching like any good, fashionable mother and son should do. Rachel with her striped, maxi dress and Skyler with his striped shirt. Also, his beanie. I love his beanie!

Well, as we’ve learned, I love anything Skyler Berman wears. No matter how ridiculous. Rachel herself had quite the brush with ridiculous this past weekend at the Golden Globes In Style after party. Can you guess what happened?

Apparently, who ever styled Rachel forgot to mention that she shouldn’t cake layers and layers of make-up on herself. She basically looks like a different color! You can check out some photos of her make-up troubles here. Side note: that gallery also includes Joe Manganiello and Nina Dobrev. Just in case you need more motivation.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness coming from Rachel and Skyler. Love their matching outfits? Of course you do! And what about that make-up job! Let us know what you think of it in the comments!