Rachel Zoe Is “In Heaven” Over Skyler Morrison Berman

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Motherhood makes Rachel Zoe the happiest she’s ever been.  She and husband Rodger Berman welcomed Skyler Morrison on March 23rd, and Berman gifted the new mama with a Neil Lane ring-A push present, if you will.  Berman told People at last Thursday’s opening of A Night In Portofino that his wife is “good for awhile” now that she has a sparkly new toy.

Zoe thinks Skyler is starting to look more like her, and his facial expressions send her to the moon.  “I put a smile on his face,” she gushed. “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.”  Once upon a time, Zoe put off having a baby because her career was so en fuego.  Not anymore.  “I don’t care about anything else. I literally just stand there and stare at my baby like, ‘How am I even gonna leave you for an hour?’”  Your clients totes won’t mind holding him while you pick out their red carpet looks. Spit up is the new black.

PHOTOS: Rachel Zoe Attends The Opening Of A Night In Portofino

Zoe insists that she’s still eating even though she looks to be back to pre-baby weight.  She and Rodg were snapped en route to eat at Jack N’ Jill’s in Beverly Hills Wednesday.  “I swear to you [I have done] absolutely nothing,” she insists.  “I’m nursing, so I think that’s part of it.”

Whatever the case, we’re super-happy for the stylish new mama and are so excited for season 4 on Bravo.

By Kelly Lynch

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