Rachel Zoe Introduces The World To Her Baby Boy, Kaius Jagger Berman

Rachel & Skyler
Rachel Zoe shows off Skyler's Halloween costume.
Clearly it’s just the day for revealing baby names. While we heard what Kate Winslet named her newborn baby boy earlier today, we actually got to see Rachel Zoe’s baby today and learn his name.

World, say hello to Kaius Jagger Berman, Kai for short. Rachel posted the happy news on her blog, The Zoe Report, earlier today along with the adorable picture above.

Honestly though, as cute as Kaius is, how much do you bet Rachel was still hoping he was going to be a girl?

Well now this just means we’re going to have two incredibly well-dressed babies in Hollywood, Kaius and his older brother Skyler. And Rachel will continue wearing 9-inch heels through all of it.

Also, can we all just a take a moment and appreciate that A) Rachel put on some serious eye make-up for this photo, and B) she brought her own pillows and sheets to the hospital. She is my favorite. So what do we think of the name Kaius Jagger Berman? My take, much less silly than Bear Winslet, not quite as normal as Skyler. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!