Rachel Zoe Heads To Paris Fashion Week, Can’t Pack Lightly

And really, why would she? Rachel Zoe is one of the fashion industries hottest stars right now. Like honestly, she is everywhere. And thank god the cameras from the hit show The Rachel Zoe Project are there to document all of it. Rachel and husband Roger Berman arrived in Paris for Fashion Week, with Rachel trucking quite a few suitcases.

According to MailOnline, Rachel needed 13 bags to be ready to Fashion Week, each of which cost her £25, coming out to a whopping £225 that Rachel spent on luggage. don’t believe one person could bring that much? Check out the gallery for a photo of it from Rachel herself.

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Rachel has been busy on the fashion circuit. Why just last week Rachel looked fabulous a the Burberry show. Like, sometimes I think, “Rachel, what are you wearing?” And other times I’m like, “I love it! I want it!” I’m sure that’s just how baby Skylar feels about  some of the things momma Zoe makes him wear.

But seriously, what does one put in 13 suitcases? Shit is crazy! Whatever floats her boat though. I bet you her new assistant, Jeremiah Brent, had to pack most of it. He was probably so quiet while doing it, no one noticed. Check out the gallery for some great pics of Rachel and Roger at the Michael Kors show. I love her dress. What are your thoughts on the luggage? Too much? Too little (really)? Sound off in the comments!