Rachel Zoe Enjoys Family Dat At The Parks, Wears Unsuitable Shoes [PHOTOS]

Rachel & Rodger
The new parents took a stroll in Beverly Hills.
Rachel Zoe was spotted at Coldwater Park with her husband, Rodger Berman, and their son, Skylar. Now, I really like that Skylar kid, but looking at these pictures he seems to have that look of, “Don’t cross me.” It’s adorable in a creepy child way. 

And seriously, what the hell are those shoes Rachel is wearing? They’re really cute, but totally not practical for the park. I mean, you’re walking around in sand with those heels? And while we’re discussing clothing, is Skylar seriously just wearing a vest? No shirt? It’s so ridiculous and adorable at the same time.  

Launch the gallery to check out all the family photos and let me know if you think her shoes as unsuitable for the park as I do. But then again, it’s not like Rachel Zoe ever really goes for comfort.