Rachel Zoe Draw Criticism For Skyler Berman’s Long Hair, Handles It By Shopping

Little Skyler Berman
New mom Rachel Zoe totes her son around.
I don’t care what you all say, Skyler Berman is an adorable treasure and I love seeing pictures of him.

Skyler and his mama, Rachel Zoe were out and about in Los Angeles yesterday (June 13) doing some mother-son shopping. Rachel wore one of her signature Rachel outfits, while Skyler rocked an orange jumpsuit and one of his signature hats. That whole family must have a section in their closet dedicated to “wear this item every time you go out.”

Now, while Rachel and Skyler look all happy here, the duo, well, more so Rachel, has come under fire for the fact that Skyler has long hair. 

The stylist posted the above photo to Instagram with the caption, “Talk about bed head! xoRZ,” and clearly folks were not happy. Us Weeklygrabbed some comments from fans on Instagram including, “I guess you wanted a daughter.” Another person wrote, “Cut his hair. He looks like a girl.”

Now, maybe it’s just me, but who cares if she doesn’t want to cut his hair yet? It’s some super cute hair and if Skyler doesn’t care, then why should Rachel? Plus, Skyler looks pretty precious with a ponytail. Launch the galelry to check out all the photos of Rachel and Skyler doing some shopping and tell us if you think she should cut his hair in the comemnts.