Rachel Zoe Is Back On Bravo, But Without Brad Goreski

Ooo! Talk about fashion drama! Rachel Zoe and her show The Rachel Zoe Project will be back on Bravo this week, but one very important person will be missing: Rachel’s former assistant Brad Goreski. And, apparently the break-up was not as nice one as we all previously thought.

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According to New York Magazine Brad told Rachel and her husband Roger that he wanted to leave in order to have a life. He wanted to “spend time at home with his dog and his boyfriend, not worry about getting dresses for famous people to wear on red carpets, and step out of the limelight.” Then, just after leaving, Brad started working for a bunch of different fashion places and even stole a few clients away from Rachel. That is a no-no.

And to top it all off, Brad will have his own show on Bravo that will air this season. The show, It’s A Brad Brad World, will follow Brad’s personal as well as professional life. Rachel doesn’t seem too thrilled about it. She even mentions Brad in a quite distasteful way in the promo for her new season. Check out the video after the jump.

I hope those two kids eventually work it out. I quite liked the two of them together. Plus, now that Rachel has herself a little baby boy she’s gonna want to only bring positive energy in the house. Haha. That sounds lame. What do you think of the new info about Brad and Rachel’s split? Watch the video after the jump then leave us your thoughts in the comments!