Rachel Zoe And Sky Sky Pick Up some Frozen Yogurt

Rachel Zoe's Work
Zoe has dressed Cameron Diaz for many a red carpet.
Rachel Zoe in YSL
The stylist celebrate the launch of Zoe Media Group.
Little Skyler Berman
New mom Rachel Zoe totes her son around.
Pregnant celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe stopped for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood, California with her son Skyler yesterday (October 2, 2013).

I’m guessing that Skyler really loves frozen yogurt, because the two have made several trips for some over the last few weeks. 42-year-old Rachel doesn’t seem to be showing yet, but who knows if she actually will. The last time she was pregnant there was barely a visible bump.

Check out the adorable pics from Rachel and Skyler’s yogurt outing.