Rachel McAdams Talks About Her Marijuana Hallucinations, Looks Gorgeous At ‘To The Wonder’ Premiere [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Rachel McAdams For Glamour
Rachel shows off her sexy side for Glamour magazine.
Who knew it was possible it for Rachel McAdams to become even more adorable than she already is?

The beautiful actress was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her latest flick, To The Wonder, when conversation turned to her Canadian grocer and his “help” to cure her insomnia. Rachel, who still lives in Toronto, said her local grocer recommended marijuana to help her sleep.

Too bad it definitely did not do that! She told Jimmy, “I take the tiniest teaspoon, brush my teeth, and by the time I’m getting into bed I’m like, my brain, ‘What’s happening?’ I wasn’t thinking normal human thoughts. I was hallucinating!” Check out the video after the jump to hear about her hallucinations! 

According to Rachel, instead of falling asleep, she just heard opera music for 5 hours. Guys! Don’t listen to your local grocer! Lucky for Rachel that this lack of sleep isn’t affecting how good she looks. The actress looked fabulous yesterday at premiere of To The Wonder. Rachel was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko.

Make sure to watch the hilarious video below and to check out all the photos of Rachel’s red carpet look in the gallery. Also, how do we feel about her hair? Alright folks, time to fess up! Have you ever had a bad marijuana trip like Rachel? Leave us your stories in the comments!