Rachel McAdams & Robert Downey Jr. Show Off Costumes On ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Set [PHOTOS]

Be honest, you’re totally excited about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. For those who just can’t contain their curiosity, check out these photos from the Guy Ritchie set. In them, super hottie Rachel McAdams looks gorgeous in her Victoria dress, while Sherlock himself, Robert Downey Jr., is going for more of a Fu Manchu-esque look.

If you haven’t already seen it make sure to check out the trailer for A Game of Shadows. I think it looks super awesome, not just because Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace looks beyond badass, but because Sherlock will be matching wits with his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

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That RDJ has been a busy dude. Why, not too long ago we spotted him on the set of The Avengers shooting the shit with Captain America and the Hulk. Could you imagine? One minute you’re Iron Man and the next you’re Sherlock Holmes. The life of an actor, my friend. It’s awesome.

I’m sure Robert’s unborn child is so happy he’s going into that family. Check out all the photos in the gallery then let us know how excited you are about the new Sherlock Holmes. Think it will be as good as the first one? Better? Do you find yourself strangely attracted to Fu Manchu Robert? Share your thoughts by tweeting us at @socialitelife or head on over to our Facebook page.