Rachel McAdams And Michael Sheen At The Screening Gala Of ‘The Gospel Of Us’ [PHOTOS]

Rachel McAdams, wearing a corded lace blouse by SMYTHE ($395) lent support to boyfriend Michael Sheen at the gala screening of The Gospel of Us tonight (April 11th) in London.  Gospel is a film version of the three-day play The Passion, a modern take on the crucifixiton of Jesus Christ.

On Easter Sunday, Sheen screened  the film in his home tome of Port Talbot, Wales.  “We had no idea how big The Passion was going to be. It was on epic scale, we had no idea how many people would turn up,” Sheen said, according to Wales Online.

“I think the latest estimation was 15,000 people came to watch it by the end of it,” he added.  “We could never have guessed that it was going to have such an effect – even on people from right across the world.”